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Okay, sure

But I never claimed that nature is all that exists and neither does the brand of atheist.

Let me be clear. There are two working definitions for the use of atheist; one of these is more appropriately named anti-theist.

1: An atheist is a person who does not affirm a belief in any god(s).
In other words, they have no belief in god(s).

2: An atheist is also a person who affirms a belief that there are no god(s).
In other words, they believe there aren't any god(s).

The second term is popularized by anti-theistic activism. Anti-theists are people who believe there are no gods; and also, in some capacity, they regard theism as destructive or negative.
They are prone to activism because the anti-theist position is reactionary and functionally useless without interaction.
These people usually do not call themselves anti-theists, they call themselves atheists, and they are.

However, another sort of atheist exists, and it's one that does not affirm any beliefs regarding the god question.
Frankly, to us, belief in this regard is useless, affirmative or positive.