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If you are a "true" Christian (and I can't think of a

denomination where this isn't the case) then you believe that non-Christians (and those not of your sect) are going to hell to burn forever and ever.

If that is your belief and it is the New Testament position, then you would be heartless to not be trying your hardest to convert people.

The truth is you don't believe that, that's why you are not dying of exhaustion at the thought of family or friends or civilians 90% or more, burning in hell forever and ever.

Hell, according to the New Testament and according to each Sect (denomination), is holding most souls that ever lived -- without the possibility of parole.

Most people alive today, according to the Westborrow Baptists, are going to hell.

Catholics believe all Protestants are going to Hell -- All Protestants must believe that Catholics are going to Hell because according to the founders of protestantism the Pope is the Anti-Christ.

All Catholics and all Protestants believe the Jews are all going to hell -- the Jews who do not recognize Christ as God or as Messiah.

All types of Christians above believe all Pagans, Animists, Hindus, Buddhists who have ever lived or who will ever live are going to Hell.

And the Jews think everyone else will remain rot-locked in their bodies in the cemetery 'till judgement day; which for 99% of all humans who-ever lived is thousands and thousands of years -- locked in their bodies in a hellish torment of un-rest. While the good-Jews are sleeping in beatitude.