Comment: I realize already that I'm gonna catch hell for doing this...

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I realize already that I'm gonna catch hell for doing this...

But I feel compelled to make this point:

Psychiatry, although far from perfect, is an extremely valuable medical profession that quite literally saves lives, and significantly improves the lives of countless other patients.

Is the DSM ever perfect? Hell no. Huge mistakes in the past, I'm sure the DSM V will have problems as well.

But, pop quiz! What is the deadliest psychiatric disorder? I am 99% sure no one will get this right. Take a sec... mull it over. What psychiatric disease is most likely to cause your death? You can't just say "actively suicidal patient", that doesn't count. ;)

Answer: anorexia nervousa. That's right. Not Major Depressive Disorder, not Bipolar, not any flavor of schizophrenia, etc. Anorexia has a 10% mortality rate. How many of the folks here who are bashing all of psychiatry knew that? How many of you would try to talk someone w/ anorexia OUT of psychiatric counseling and, yes, likely psychotropic medication, knowing they've got a 1 in 10 shot of dying from this psychiatric disease?

Please guys. Try to be a little more sensitive to the millions of people who have serious mental health problems, many of whom are happier and healthier w/ psychiatric help.

Final caveat: I still struggle w/ the concept of involuntary commitment. I believe that the least amount of evil would come from NEVER using the government (or derivation thereof) to involuntarily commit any nonviolent adult against their will. I.E. if you are suicidal, it's not okay for me to stop you unless I'm worried you'll hurt someone else. ... it's terribly sad, and will lead to deaths that could have been avoided, but probably the greater moral high ground then kidnapping people against their will.