Comment: AJ manipulating the sheep who think they're skeptics

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AJ manipulating the sheep who think they're skeptics

Here's the crucial AJ quote: "...the tragic CT come out and say for these children we've got to do something. (He makes a run-on monologue in which he links all sorts of media reports with an effort to ban guns. He comes back to Obama to say) "fake crying and making executive orders to ban guns." Um Obama doesn't say that in this press statement. AJ working double time to draw that line with the CT killings.

Obama doesn't say anything about guns in his press release. Yet AJ manipulates his speech to make it seem so.

While it may be true that Obama would like to curtail gun rights, he clearly made no such statements in his statement on the CT shootings. AJ has pulled a fast one and brazenly manipulated his wording to draw a false connection. In my experience, it's wise to be wary of those who feel the need work around truth. Gives me the creeps.