Comment: From Sin To Psychiatry: The Devil Is In The Details

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From Sin To Psychiatry: The Devil Is In The Details

Since mans fall from grace in Gods garden, man has been making excuses for every problem that has befalled him.

Man had a defect, he had an ego and the devil through the woman appealled to the first mans ego. Adam wanted to be like God and so he ate the fruit thinking if the woman didn't die, then he could eat it as well and be like God, knowing good and evil. When God said if you eat of the fruit that is forbiden for you, ye shall surely die. But God didn't mean that Adam would die right away. He died slowly through the sin nature that got into him when he listened to the woman, instead of the inner wordless word.

So man unplugged from God and plugged into the woamn and ever since, man has followed and listened to the woman and used her as his comfort. When man is woman centered he has conflict because man natural state is to do the will of God, not the will of woamn.

So man comes into the world born of woman (woman centered) and the original sin nature that was inherited since the beginning. Man was disconnected from God and is easily tempted or seduced by others to do foolish things, including the most bizzare, murder and suicide.

When you allow others tempt you for their approval, you become a slave to them. Conflict grows and so you need to either do even more for them or you rebel and get angry. Both responses are wrong and led to even more conflict. So now you give youself 2 choices, either to beat the person down or be their slave for life.

Everytime you sin you die a little more until one day you either drop dead or die a cancerous creep or some unknown malady there are no names for.

Any good psychiatrist, if there is such a thing, knows this about human nature. He may try to persuade you to address the cause, but like most people, they don't know the key to succeeding. So now the psychiatrist has no medical alternative but to give you drugs. But the drugs drive you further and further away from the cure. The effects of most drugs make you less aware, less able to see things clearly for yourself. So now you are a slave to the drug pushers and you are no better off, in fact you are worse off.

There is a solution to the stress of everyday living, but you must ready and sincere about wanting to get better.

For further information on how you can overcome stress in your life and become whole person again go to:

PS, Military or Ex-military are especially welcome..

Merry Christ - Mass to all.. and may God led us all back into his promised land..