Comment: The reason I hate GMO's is that it is very personal!

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The reason I hate GMO's is that it is very personal!

I used to run 300 bee hives, that I built up from 25. Since 2005 I noticed something very different with my bees, just out of the blue a healthy vibrant hive reduced to handful of bees and the queen. At first this always happened in the fall but now it happens in summer also.

A farmer across the road from my holding yard came and told me my bees were in his corn completely covering the whole pile. this was the first year I had trouble, lost over a hundred in just two weeks. I didn't make the connection until 2 years later. I didn't know at the time that they incorporated into the corn a pesticide called Clothianidin also known as Poncho. This pesticide coating used on the seeds is so deadly that 1 seed can kill a bird if they eat it. All the bee has to do is fly over the corn field and it can die from the fumes coming off the corn that is growing.

So as you see Monsanto and other fascist companies have destroyed the air my bees need to survive! Now I ask you is this fair? Can a company put out such a vial putrid product it kills all insects and birds that come in contact with it?

But hey I am an old man it is you young people that will be paying the high price, not with money but health and life!

BTW my 300 hives are now 15, and I am giving up beekeeping I can't take the heart break any longer!

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