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Yes, vote down because you

Yes, vote down because you morons are too stupid to even know what government does. I mean I love Ron Paul and his ideals but most of you idiots are just fodder. I'm waiting for the real struggle to come and waiting to see how many of you pussies bow down to the government. And if you don't well you'll be gone and good riddance. It's time to start anew my friends... my real friends... not you idiot anarchist retards that think because someone votes for sending money too troops makes them a bad person. Or you idiots that think that someone in the military just because that's where he is is a bad person. You dumb fucks will be the first to go.... and I'll not shed a tear. Have fun sitting in mom's basement when the goon squads come. I'll be siting in my bunker waiting....waiting.......waiting..... come and try it you traitors