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Comment: In support of truthers

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In support of truthers

Even if the truther debunkers were somehow proven right, it would be winning the battle but not the war and that is where the debunkers are typically pejoratively short-sighted. I can only surmise that those of us truthers who have researched 9/11 and come to our own conclusions did so painstakenly having subsequently endured the nightmarish realization (for me a multi-week sick to my stomach depression) that we cannot look to our government to protect us. In their quest to debunk truthers, the debunkers overlook that the awakening comes with a fierce hunger for the truth. Squelching that hunger via technical data will fail when there is no effort made to address the overarching issue of ulterior motives, historical precedent (false flags), and deleterious effects on society ergo the Patriot Act, NDAA, and costly and unnecessary wars with egregious police state trashing of Constitutional rights. If those of you who decry truthers for being closed to the truth are not willing to acknowledge the greater truth, ie that the government is failing its citizenry and doing so purposefully, then no amount of degrees or credentials after your name arguing in favor of the 9/11 official commission report establishes your superior intellect or moral high ground. Evidence was destroyed, too many questions remain unanswered, and the question of justice being adequately served is an open wound. Truthers are accomplishing something debunkers could never do by helping to awake a public comatose to all the brainwashing and lies we have been told. While it is by far the more discomforting and distressing position vs. accepting the government’s version of the truth, it is a more noble effort than doing nothing.

“Never let it be said that we did nothing, that no one cared”
–Ron Paul
"People wish to be settled, but only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them."-- Ralph Waldo Emerson