Comment: Banning GMOs would cause billions of deaths.

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Banning GMOs would cause billions of deaths.

As a farmer, if I don't have the tools of GMOs I can't produce the same quantity of food per acre. GMOs have increase my yields dramatically, around 25% and in some cases more. As I don't live in the USA, we are not allowed to plant GMO corn, and my yields are very low in comparison (granted weather and other genetics play a significant role). My neighbors that illegally plant the GMO corn have much higher yields and use much less pesticides than I do.

Government prohibition of anything is bad. Government labeling of anything is also bad. The federal government's role is to provide a judicial system (which has been corrupted because government is too powerful now), and deal with international matters. The rest is reserved for states. Though I don't agree with it, but if a state decides to prohibit GMOs then it should go and do so. Its economy will compete with its neighboring states and even then the market forces will decide what is best.