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You are missing the BIG picture

First off, we don't need Liberals to win anything. Most people in this country identify themselves as conservatives . That is who Rand is focusing on. He couldn't care less about the Liberal vote as there aren't enough of you in this movement in the first place to make a difference in the grand total of things.
You probably have many Liberal friends because you yourself are a liberal which is probably the main reason why you refuse to see it...because you don't want to see it and you cant wrap your head around the fact that if we want to advance our goals and bring them to MS acceptance you have to appeal to more people than just a small base.
( Frogs in boiling water) you start off with a little and slowly implement more of our goals. You have to ease them in to it otherwise you wind up scaring people away! Rand understands this and has learned allot by watching his father lose several presidency's, NOT because the message isn't good but because its simply TO MUCH for the average voter to take in at once. Why you people cant get that through your heads is beside me! How many times do we have to lose for you to understand that fact? You guys want it ALL or nothing and when your dealing with generations of people being thought trained to think a certain way it will never work that way.
Second , most of the people in the Liberty movement will go with whoever Ron endorses for POTUS as they trust his judgment and they know he is very wise and 'most' people who listen to Ron and have followed him know he wont lead them in the wrong direction or endorse somebody who he feels will not advance our goals.
Fact is most of Rons base will go to whoever he supports for president and then the Liberals (hopefully) will go back to where they belong and the minority 1% purist in this movement will be split down the middle...
Couple that with the MS Republicans Rand is trying to bring in and you have a broad voting base and a great contender for POTUS !
He is NOT playing corrupt politics, he is simply doing what it takes to advance us in the world of POLITICS. Politics IS the game here and whether you like it or not you must play the game to win or be content sitting in the corner with your 2% voting base and losing for decades on end and not getting any of your goals accomplished. SOMETHING is better than nothing... Nothing never got anybody you see? Of course you dont....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams