Comment: It is about liberty

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It is about liberty

GMO corps have special protections from the government including the stamp of "substantially equivalent". Had they been left to compete in the open market this false reassurance from government would have never been applied to these foods.

Private property: GMO foods are a living organizm that do not repect private property rights. I LOSE my ability to grow food free from these unnatural mutations should I be living on a neighboring property.

National security/ general welfare clause. Some of these crops has been bestowed a "kill gene" which keeps the seed from being fertile. This prevents farmers from saving and planting seeds on their own. How long will it be before that "kill gene" infects non gmo crops through cross polination and destroys our food supply. Additionally these crops have have been grown in monoculture meaning one disease or bug could destroy the worldwide supply of a crop in a single season.

If I were to support laws that prevent my neighbor from producing sarin gas in his garage, would I be "anti liberty"?

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