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The pocket book, or wallet, approach?

A more complicated way to demonstrate how Free Markets work involves the example of Money Markets, but that is reaching, since the simple approach of explaining Liberty, if that fails, makes it less likely that a more complicated approach is going to work.

Suppose, however, that someone does want to know Free Markets, and that someone is willing to sit and listen to a Money Market Free Market explanation?

Rare as it may be, it does sometimes work.

You can say, to the student, open your wallet, get out your savings account, get out your retirement accounts, and get out your tax forms, State, and National, and any other tax form.

Ask if they have a choice as to which money they use in their wallet, pocket book, purse, savings account, tax payment, anything, ask if they have a choice.

If they say yes, then ask why do they choose that money instead of better money.

If they say no, then ask if they would choose better money instead of that money, and ask if they would be able to quantify better money if they saw better money, how would they know it: what makes the better money better?

If that does not work, that method, then either the teacher is not one or the student is not one, or both are neither.

Beating dead horses are worth the effort, compared to watching television, if the idea is to work up a sweat, burn some calories, and stay in shape, and do something other than obey abject belief in falsehood without question.