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Yes, freedomroad, I hope you will post on that! As per a comment above, the UN has its tentacles EVERYWHERE.

I became aware of the Boy Scout issue when an acquaintance said her teenage son was working on his Eagle badge (I think it was). I don't know what I had it mind (something re debris huts? observation skills? animal behavior/tracking?...), but not this: a computer programming project working w/the library to cut down on paper use. My own firsthand knowledge re schools and environmental propaganda was in so-called teacher training. It made me angry to see all the *negative* proselytizing re pollution and endangered species that children were being subjected to.

The environmental agenda begins early. "Your Planet Needs You Now!" is part of a lesson plan on the EPA's web page for teachers, a "One Stop Shopping" site of lesson plans and activities for grades K-12. Check it out. Think they missed any topics?! (In one K-8 lesson plan, the game of tag had become a way to learn about the health effects of exposure to lead.) They're even programming children to be "Energy Star" product consumers. Related to this *K-8* topic, you won't believe the vocabulary list. Hit the RH forward arrow, then click on "Word Bank."

Googling "Environment Lesson Plan Kindergarten" turned up some treasures. Unrelated to the EPA, here is an excerpt from one Kindergarten lesson plan titled "Our Class, Our Earth." In these directions for teachers, three "key" words were in bold. Not that they're already programming them to be good comrades or anything!

"Ask the students whether they cooperated with one another while picking up the trash in the classroom. Then ask if they can think of areas around the school that can *benefit* from their *cooperative* efforts for the *common good.*

This is all a very serious topic, so I'm sorry I'm laughing right now, but I can't help it. It's really not funny! Unrelated to the agenda, per se, as with the example above, it's pathetic that educators would be so ignorant of the concept of "developmentally-appropriate curriculum." You see, among the objectives of this particular lesson, it says "the learner will be able to define the word... philanthropy.

Here are a few photos to put into perspective just who these learners of the definition of "philanthropy" might be:

I look forward to that post!

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