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It is vitally important to know how it was done.

It's not a matter of "winning" or "de-bunking". This isn't a game.
You didn't mention names, but I do not accept the "de-bunking" label. That is not what I am about.
The implications of there being controlled demolition, missiles, remote controlled planes, or any of the other theories are utterly astounding. It would mean thousands of agency employees have knowingly falsified documents, radar tracks, radio communications, flight recorder data, hundreds of photos. It just goes on and on the amount of falsification required for these theories to be true.
The reason it's so important is because most Americans understand that their neighbors, friends, and relatives are not going to participate in such treason. It is impossible for so much documented evidence to have been falsified.
We will never ever be able to spread our messages of Constitution and Liberty while promoting preposterous theories regarding 911. And it detracts not one iota from your message of the larger issues of rogue elements within.
It is incorrect to pigeonhole the issue into "truthers" and "de-bunkers". You eliminate those of us who simply want the truth. I look, and report fact. An overwhelming abundance of evidence confirms the planes were hi-jacked, flown into the buildings, and resulted in all the destruction. If there was inside involvement, it will be found elsewhere.

Undo what Wilson did