Comment: The rifle was used

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The rifle was used

This story has just gotten so out of hand. Now the coroner from the area has come out and said that the majority of the victims were shot by “a rifle” but the only rifle we know of in this story was found in the car out in the parking lot and the suspect was found dead with two handguns on him.
Officially the story is that the first 9/11 call came in less than a minute after the suspect supposedly broke the window and gained access to the building and the police teams were on the scene less than two minutes after that. The suspect was not out in the parking lot, he was found dead in one of the rooms in the school from a self inflicted gunshot wound with two hand guns on his person. The rifle, from the beginning, was ALWAYS reported to have been found in the car.
Well that means this 20 year old autistic kid with no record of violence busted in the school, shot 27 people multiple times, firing over 100 rounds, killing almost all of them while wearing a mask and a bullet proof vest, then ran out to the car, put the rifle in the car, then ran back to the school to sit down, take off his mask, and shoot himself in the head?
All in the time frame of less than 3 minutes?

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