Comment: You just don't get it

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You just don't get it

The possibility this was a carefully planned operation with rogue secret agency involvement (MOSSAD, CIA, MAYBE ISI) would have limited their exposure. This rogue element has existed for a long time; nothing new here. The meme propaganda from the moment the planes hit the towers speaks volumes there was an objective. The growing list of witness deaths just adds to the suspicion. You can choose to remain closed to the prospect this was a covert operation, but you cannot so easily rationalize away the eagerness with which evidence was destroyed and shipped out of sight, there was inside trading on put options (still unclaimed), there were Israeli agents caught celebrating with evidence of explosives in their vans (who Zionist Michael Cherthoff let go free). We’re not dealing with ordinary people here with a conscience or scruples about murdering people. It’s a different mindset many people can’t seem to get their arms around. You say “most Americans understand their neighbors, friends, and relatives are not going to participate in such treason.” This indicates to me you just don’t get it, ie these were not people loyal to America at all. Different playbook Americans will never grasp unless they educate themselves on false flags such as USS Liberty. Sorry, but I don’t believe 19 hi-jackers who barely knew how to fly airplanes were able to execute the high speed plane maneuvers that transpired. I do have a science background BTW, UC Berkeley biological sciences, and I am interested in seeing the truth revealed which, of course, should never be construed as a “game” as you put it. Projecting that kind of pejorative MO on my post is an insult to the victims and all of their survivors.