Comment: Student Loans... only market option

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Student Loans... only market option

Anyone who gives you a hard time about taking a student loan is just a purist who hasn't thought through the full implications of what he is saying.

Unless they are so purist that they decided not to purchase a home on a mortgage, because the inflation rate isn't necessarily the right one for the market. Basically if they have ever financed anything they are lying to themselves.

You mentioned he had a car, which means he's willing to buy gasoline at manipulated prices, even though he's libertarian. In fact, you could say that he is pro-violence, for using oil that might have come from countries that have been unjustly "influenced" by America's foreign policies.

And, supposing you went to a bank and asked to take out a loan for college, they'd tell you to get lost, and to apply for student loans.

Just because free markets are the most efficient way to run the economy doesn't mean that people who understand that are somehow expected to live outside of the existing (distorted) market system. It would be impossible to do so. Especially considering the distorted cost of the education system because of the existence of Student Loans.

Don't let him get you down. Just make sure and be honest, pay back your loans, and live each day as a man of principle. Do your best to help direct the world toward what you know is a better way, but do what you can to live honorably within the system the way it is.

I'm just say'n its one thing to believe in the basic concepts of liberty, and to support those ideals that will lead us back to greater liberty. Its another thing to completely separate yourself from society, in order to stay pure in your libertarianism.