Comment: Confirmed She Was not a Teacher at Sandy Hook

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Confirmed She Was not a Teacher at Sandy Hook

Nancy Lanza worked in the finance industry but had stopped working for some reason. It was reported that she was receiving $200,000 (two hundred thousand) for alimony and child support (seems high to me).

So what was the connection between Sandy Hook and Adam Lanza, other than the fact that he and his brother Ryan were both students there when they were young?

Why did Adam Lanza go back to his old elementary school? If he had a grudge, why not go to his old high school (wherever that was) like the Columbine shooters?

The Sandy Hook Elementary School teaches Kindergarten through the fourth grade, has a staff of about 38 and an enrollment of at least 575 kids (see: ).

Six of the school personnel, all women, were victims.

We have not heard from the custodian who apparently alerted the staff about the shootings nor have we heard from the other staff and teachers who were there.