Comment: For Me, It's History

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For Me, It's History

I don't know a single person my age (early 20s) who has examined the stories of 9/11 and not come away convinced that the government was in some way complicit or responsible for the events that day.

This is the case, I think, because I didn't really experience September 11, 2001. I did, but I was in fifth grade. Your perceptions of the world as a child are quite different than those of an adult. Big, country-changing events kind of just sit as an abstract-idea, because my life as a little kid doesn't seem affected while my parents actually have to adjust to the changes.

So, looking at 9/11 now feels more like looking at an event that happened in the past before my lifetime. i can examine it as I can examine reports from WWII. People my age have an emotional objectivity that isn't shared by people older than us. I think this is why "conspiracy theories" can gain so much traction when they couldn't before. 9/11 is the first stepping stone. Once we've established a category for the government, the government that rules today, to do horrendous acts, we can more easily consider evidence of government involvement in other events where the main story claims them innocent.

All that is to say, I appreciate this post. Keep up the research! Let's not leave the task of finding out what really happened to our succeeding generations.