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"Science" is great; but has limitations.

An enormous abount of it is dependent on Newton's laws.

All of it is dependent on measurements using known laws of energy, space and very much contradicting theories about time. All of these go round in circular definitions dependent on each other without an eventual starting point.

None of the laws explain where any particles came from in the first place.

Things require mass or wavelength to be measured by current means.

Science does not explain why we can all move out of our bodies unless we have been severely drugged at some point or severely electro-shocked. I can show you processes, which if not perverted, will move anyone (if not over-drugged currently or in the past or shocked; these can but it takes longer -- not useful for demonstrations) out of his body with varying degrees of perception. For the meantime, just consider the multitude of out of body experiences that have been related and two common factors: they all relate "I saw" and "I thought" (how, if the brain and eyes were elsewhere?). Science has no way of proving this or disproving it as the spritual being has no detectable mass or wavelength. You can however, detect energy emanations from a spiritual being. Yes, I know -- a total anomaly and causes most "scientists" who encounter it to stop countenancing it. They go back to their meters and mathematic formulas and think instead of looking.

Luckily, some did not.

I'll mention some things that could be looked at, but most will not do so.

I can show you other methods where any operator can get any subject to create manifestations visible to other people or cause, eventually, the subject to make particles to disappear from a selected mass (as observable by anyone). These methods have existed for more than 50 years. They are not commonly used because they do not not fulfil the main purpose of the body of knowledge to which they belong; they were used in research to test the relationship between the spiritual being and the physical universe but do not have particular therapeutic value (do not rapidly enhance the abilities of the spiritual being).

I wont answer questions about any of this, as my schedule is too demanding and the basics of this are extremely well publicized and can be found by interested looking by anyone who is prepared to let a fixed idea slip form time to time and consider an undercut to it. I come in here from time to time because some very good people (in my opinion) here raise interesting topics.

I thought I'd challenge you to look beyond what you know in some new direction without being much fed :) All of us here seem to be diagree with fed.