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there's no right or wrong here

we both have opinions. i don't care if thomas jefferson comes back from the dead and endorses him. i will not vote for him. i don't agree with everything ron paul says either, and it would be strange indeed that he not endorse his own son, but who knows, the way rand is going he may have to abstain.

from your posts i get a pretty clear message that you're a bad/good black/white either/or thinker and anyone who disagrees with your views is "wrong" "hard headed" "should apologize" and so on. that is not ron paul's way at all, and he always looks for a silver lining or some thing to be optimistic about. even though we probably agree on a number of issues you'd rather try and belittle and scorn me simply because i don't care for rand. try and think a little out of the box is my suggestion, and not act like such a fanboy.