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Very prescient observations!

And as I am, at 47, two generations ahead of you (so-called "Generation X") and my life has evolved from being a neocon "Reagan Republican" to an anarcho-capitalist / voluntarist over the course of just the past few years.

For those of us old enough to have been trapped under an Authoritarian ("trust the government") world view for decades...and fortunate enough to free ourselves from is at THAT point where the world suddenly looks so very, very different.

The light of Truth begins to shine on the darkest recesses and halls of governments and the mega-corporations that have bought them out.

False flag events....big ones like 9-11....and smaller ones like these mass shootings and Benghazi...begin to make perfect sense. And suddenly the "official" state-sponsored account of history, gets turned on its head.

There comes a point where a certain percentage of the populous awakens to these ideas and it is at THAT time the Shadow Government that controls our government needs to realize that their days will be over soon...and that the people of this proud nation WILL restore our constitutional Republic and we WILL prosecute the perpetrators and conspirators of these events.

And we WILL get America back to where she is a paradigm to the world where Natural Law and Natural Rights reign supreme and once again, America will lead BY EXAMPLE...and not by force!

Actually, the word "lead" is outdated. Smart people don't need "leaders"...just maybe "facilitators" at best.

The age of Authoritarianism is over...and what a better place for it to die, once and for all, than here, with the bald eagle looking on and Lady Liberty, torch high in the air, smiling in approval.

Fuck the government! ;-)

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.