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Comment: The libertarian perspective is, of course,

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The libertarian perspective is, of course,

that you have every right to smoke. And, frankly, it doesn't bother me a bit.

Another issue here, in my opinion, is that I now question EVERYTHING the government and the MSM spew. If either of those sources say that something is bad for you, there's a good chance they're either flat-out wrong, flat-out lying, or are (at the very least) using skewed data. (One exception is when you hear a major news story about how something like sugar is bad for you. 'Cause they tout it like it's a major breakthrough, even though everyone's known it for decades. Just one example.) The diet issue is a major one these days, and thankfully people are taking another look at the way we're supposed to eat. I think it was the guy who came up with the primal diet who said that the government food pyramid was essentially upside-down. So we're supposed to eat almost exactly backwards from the way they tell us.

Also, nicotine is just another drug. Like weed, cocaine, morphine, aspirin, caffeine, etc., etc., etc. All natural drugs (in my opinion) have genuine and valid uses; that's why they're here on this earth.