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Comment: Toxic psychiatry is the MIS-use of drugs, not merely use

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Toxic psychiatry is the MIS-use of drugs, not merely use

I don't discount any of the information about adverse outcomes, whether organized studies or anecdotes. If the drug doesn't help, if the drug made the patient worse, then the problem was prescription of the drug, in the negligence by the doctor in not seeing the problem in followup visits.

But that doesn't mean that these drugs are brain-rotting, worse-than-nothing poisons. Many people including me have entirely positive outcomes. My psychiatrist worked with my trying a several different medications on multiple doses until settling on a sweet spot (relatively low doses compared to typical dose) with good effect and no adverse effects. If I stop taking the pills, I stop getting the benefits. Not addictive, not harmful.

I believe there really is a corrupted Big-Pharma-Mental-Health-Care Axis. But there are many honest, scientific-minded psychiatrists and neurologists out there who properly manage their patients' drugs. And there are drugs which are safe and effective for the fortunate patients which they are safe and effective for. If a particular drug at a particular dose isn't working for a particular patient, that's not evidence of corruption, it's a data point.

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