Comment: A free market, Republican Party leader is an oxymoron.

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A free market, Republican Party leader is an oxymoron.

There is no such animal, and there will not be anytime soon. Rand knows this very well. The potential leaders of the Republican Party who do believe in the free markets like the 12 term Congressman from Texas were never allowed to take charge of the Republican Party. Haven't you heard of what was done to Congressmen Amash, Huelskamp, and Schweikert? They will never achieve true leadership rolls either because of the structure of the Party. Ron Paul was denied a true leadership roll because of his steadfast consistency in following the Constitution. The Republican Party will make sure that no free market republicans ever achieve leadership rolls. So, you will have your self-fulfilling prophesy of saying that Ron Paul was never a leader within his own Party. Yup, that is right. The same will be true for anyone else. The republicans will make sure that the same thing happens to anyone who comes along wanting the same thing as Ron Paul.

Why was there no mention of stopping undeclared wars of aggression or defense budget cuts during this staged interview? Any comments on that part of my post above?