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Comment: The schools and their "subjects"

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The schools and their "subjects"

Maybe we should ban government schools. They won't be sitting targets for those who wish them harm. Just a thought.

We've put children at risk for many years now and we underestimate the risk they are experiencing in government schools. Physical attacks on these children should not be our only concern, we need to be concerned about their hearts, minds and souls even more so.

The most important thing I see NOT being mentioned is what they are NOT being taught. The drugs are not the only culprit in these types of issues. There is that decision back in the 1960's which banned public school prayer. Since then statistics have shown major increases in many non-favorable categories. Google it and find it for yourselves.

I believe what is missing in our secular schools is the teaching of morals, love of life, respect of property, esteeming one another more than self. We've removed not only prayer but any idea that God exists. Many continue to carrying this out to an extreme. We have removed the truth that man has an authority to answer to after leaving his parents or sadly just the school's authority because the parents DO NOT care and never exercised their parental authority.

There has been little seen by me in this discussion about God and prayer being banned. I needed to add it in here because our children and their freedoms ARE being destroyed by government schools.

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