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Comment: Anti-psychiatry is a

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Anti-psychiatry is a

Anti-psychiatry is a configuration of groups and theoretical constructs that emerged in the 1960s, which challenged the fundamental assumptions and practices of psychiatry and sought to develop alternatives. Its igniting intellectual influences were Michel Foucault, R. D. Laing, Thomas Szasz and Franco Basaglia. The term was first used by the psychiatrist David Cooper in 1967.

Of these "pioneers" of anti psychiatry, only one of them is Scientologist.

Thomas Szasz: Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz argued that "mental illness" is an inherently incoherent combination of a medical and a psychological concept. He opposed the use of psychiatry to forcibly detain, treat, or excuse what he saw as mere deviance from societal norms or moral conduct. As a libertarian, Szasz was concerned that such usage undermined personal rights and moral responsibility. Adherents of his views referred to "the myth of mental illness", after Szasz's controversial 1961 book of that name (based on a paper of the same name that Szasz had written in 1957 that, following repeated rejections from psychiatric journals, had been published in the American Psychologist in 1960[33]). Although widely described as part of the main anti-psychiatry movement, Szasz actively rejected the term and its adherents; instead, in 1969, he collaborated with Scientology to form the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. It was later noted that the view that insanity was not in most or even in any instances a "medical" entity, but a moral issue, was also held by Christian Scientists and certain Protestant fundamentalists, as well as Szasz.

As a anti pschyciatric proponent, Szasz was not suggesting Dianetics as the only solution.


There are several alternatives to psychiatry. The Scientologist teach one that they believe in AT THEIR "CHURCHES".

You seem to believe that if one agrees with this video AS WELL AS RESEARCH FROM NON SCIENTOLOGIST, the one MUST AUTOMATICALLY and MYSTERIOUSLY suddenly become and be inducted into Dianetics. You suggest that Scientologist produced this video, therefore if you agree with it, you are agreeing with Scientology. This is false reasoning.

It is ENTIRELY possible for one to be Anti psychiatry, agreeing with this video FULLY, AND at the same time be Anti/Non Scientologist.

Scientology opposes murder too you know. Should re rethink our views on murder if they coincide with Scientology?

You have a problem with people profiting from selling vitamins??? Speaking of vitamins, did you know that in the early 1900's a psychiatrist discovered that large doses of Niacin was EXTREMELY successful at treating, often CURING, Schizophrenia, without side effects other than "niacin flush". Modern psychiatry says that Schizophrenia is non curable BTW. And today we have numerous pharmaceutical drugs to do what could be done BETTER naturally. Seems that niacin can't be patented, which mean little profit can be made from it.

This discovery, as well as Anti Psychiatry, have existed LONG before Scientology.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
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