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Comment: Thomas Szasz is an exception

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Thomas Szasz is an exception

He was a cool dude and I greatly admire him, although he had a different approach toward psychiatry and medicine from the Scientologists even though he collaborated with them. I 100% agree with his advocacy of a separation of psychiatry and the State, and I agree with most of his claims about mental illness and drug use.

But he doesn't go after "the inherent evilness of using mind altering drugs" like the Scientologists do. Even though he helped found the CCHR, I still think they presented a poorly formatted argument.

And yes, I do think the sale of vitamins, for the most part, is a scam. You know that the niacin-schizophrenia connection was promoted by Abram Hofffer, who was heavily criticized as a quack by Thomas Szasz, right?

**And I like Abram Hoffer by the way. He was a pioneer in LSD, the best psychiatric drug ever discovered. It doesn't mean he was right about everything, though.**