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Comment: Szasz opposes even the term

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Szasz opposes even the term

Szasz opposes even the term "mental illness", so it stands to reason that he would call ANY psychiatrist a quack. I don't really know if Hoffer was right about everything. I do know that his work with niacin was very successful, and that SOME psychiatrist (those inclined to natural approaches) replicate his research very successfully still today. Certainly the pharma psych's have made studies to discredit him, pointing out Hoffer's errors. Hoffer has likewise pointed out the errors of the pharma pysch's studies, namely that all the patients used to do the pharma studies on niacin had a history of psychotropic drug use prior to the study, Hoffer's patients had none.

Having consumed quite a bit of LSD myself, I can't imagine that it is superior to good diet, exercise and proper rest in relation to mental health.

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