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If Video Games Have Influence

If video games CAUSE behavior rather than be an OUTLET due to psychological circumstances, then we can assume the 1980's video games influenced you to spend your time in dark mazes eating pellets, stomping on turtles and mushrooms, or shooting at centipedes?

Hm... I think I'll just go with gut instincts on this and assume that violent people are attracted to violent images. That makes sense.
I won't deny that violent images bolster existing problems, but what are we going to do, force people to play/watch/listen to the media we personally deem appropriate? After that we can force people to adhere to a world currency, world religion, and unify everyone under a world dictator who will make all the decisions for us so we can have safety and security. Sounds like a terrible idea, personally. So I'll stick with the idea of liberty across the board for everyone.