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Who said anything about

forcing something on people. It's a parent's right and responsibility as to what media they wish to allow in their homes - and a parent's responsibility to control their children's behavior in this regard. (It's called censorship when the government does it. It's called responsible parenting when parents do it.) But you are wrong to mock the effect of video games. The military, by design, can use similar games to what is *popular* among teenage/young adult males - to desensitize troops before active duty combat. Furthermore, there are physiological reactions as if the even were real; also, there is pent-up energy from just sitting for hours, period, that will eventually require release. (It applies to "just" tv/videos, too.) Also, there can be a blurring in the mind of players as to what is real and what is fantasy. (It was a factor in some school shooting ages ago, where those two boys in maybe middle-school, if that, killed classmates.) Also, there is an effect on the developing BRAIN, which continues to develop into teen years. Maybe if more information were published on the harmful effects of media, parents would be making some different choices. But who's going to make an issue of this, the media?

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