Comment: What helps the movement more:

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What helps the movement more:

(1) Rand goes on Levin's show and attacks him over the mistreatment of his father. This either goes over the heads of the listeners or they side with Levin - at best there is no benefit to the movement, at worst we lose support among Republican voters.

(2) Rand goes on the show and talks about the issues, in a way that Levin's audience can understand - some minds are opened to our ideas, Rand gains more recognition among mainstream Republican voters.

...Option #1 might satisfy your desire for revenge, but option #2 is clearly the smart move if we want the liberty movement to succeed.

P.S. I might add, which option do you think Ron Paul would choose? In fact, which did he choose, during the campaign: did he go on neocons' shows and complain about his unfair treatment, or did he focus on the issues and try to make a case for our views?

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