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Parenting skills

Maybe part of the problem is people just don't have a good source for the parenting skills required for todays children affected by our current society.
It is a tough job to be a parent nowdays. Most people are working their butts off, come home tired, and then have to deal with all the usual bs.
Pretty hard to deal with kids sometimes, but, kids are kids, and their behaviours are predictable and can be dealt with given the proper understanding of what is going on and how to deal with it.
I raised two children who turned out fine, but they certainly gave me challenges on occassion and until I came across this book, often I was at a loss on how to deal with some situations.
"How to Father" by Dr. Fitzhugh Dodson just hits understanding every child behaviour through the various age groups right on the head. Child behaviour is not that complicated, yet if you do not understand the root cause of the behaviour, nine times out of ten you will react to that behaviour incorrectly, hence problem not solved.
The book is simple and to the point in how to identify and address the different behaviours of your child, boy or girl. I cannot say how many times I went to this book to see why my child was behaving a certain way, and the answer on how to deal with it always provided a correct solution other than what I may have tried, aside from throwing my hands up in the air or getting angry.
I have since passed my book onto my daughter who is 27 yrs. old, to help with her raising of my grandson.