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My misunderstanding -- I thought you were a "believer"

See if my daughter was going to the hang-man's gallows -- just the physical death alone would turn me into a murderer; as I would die trying to save her (regardless her crimes).

If I absolutely could not save her then every day until her death would be a torture and the rest of my life would be like sand in my mouth.

That's a mere mortals love for his child.

So if you were a "believer" (an absolutist) then you would be racked in pain every day your children left the house as non-believers -- because death (to non-believers -- according to men) cannot compare to the torture (for-ever and ever) that awaits them; the least of which (the Jewish version) is a hellish nightmare of un-rest rot-locked in their corpses until judgement day.

If a person who call's them-self a believer does not believe at that level then why bother -- anything less is rather a resort-view of faith, a fair-weather fan. Why bother or why chose a religion then that has hell or rot-lock as the reward for not being perfect (in thought alone) in a baffling universe?

If one is hard-wired to "believe" then why not be a Jain -- I think they are the least offensive of all religious sects OR be a Daoist; they say amusing things OR be a Rastafarian -- they smoke weed, have great lingo, play wonderful music, and smile all the time.

Why chose one of the Abrahamic Death-Cult Denominations?