Comment: The RP Movement is a Voting and Lobbying Movement

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The RP Movement is a Voting and Lobbying Movement

since there's been little to no effort (no real effort anyway - not comparably) in finding free-market solutions.

The RP Movement (became) is the movement to get MORE liberty candidates in the position to be voted-for or lobbied-for.

ERGO -- the RP Movement is a "socialist" (according to Mises) movement.

Mises called Friedman a socialist because Friedman was willing to use Gov't Coercion to implement lassiez-faire capitalism as the after-birth of counter-revolutionary efforts (Chile) -- which of course requires murder (in all world cases).

My point here is that EVERY counter-revolutionary effort (which according to all history if it is to be successful there must be winners and losers -- dead) ALWAYS begins with a vote.

Voting and Lobbying is Theft of anothers Consumer-Will and Bribery.

Voting and Lobbying is Perpetual War.......prove me wrong!

Therefore RP Movement IS or will become, if the goals are ever to-become, violent or remain impotent.

Since pacifism is at the heart of the movement, it will remain impotent.

Inflationary Prices have only risen since RP's terms (and I love him by-the-by -- but as educator and never liberator) in office -- Now with 5 or so "lesser Paul's" in office........hmmmm, yeah.....impotent.

I believe we can conceive of an argument that better-benefits the rich and thus they will stop divide-and-conquer, to which we succor/sucker too so easily.