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Comment: Get back to reality.

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Get back to reality.

Why are you being a Rand apologist about his not mentioning defense budget cuts in order for him to assuage the neocons? Why not just be for the truth, like Ron Paul?

Fact: We spend more on defense than all of the others countries on this planet combined. The politicians and the neocon talking heads cannot speak about budget cuts without also speaking about defense budget cuts. Ron Paul knows that and I know that, but you, Rand, and Levine don't know that. They don't because they love being the world's policemen and brutalizing and destabilizing country after country. Ron Paul would call them on that empire building at tax payer expense at every possible opportunity. Rand does not, he plays along to get into their good graces I guess. Ron Paul would not window-dress U.S. defense budget spending by simply not talking about it to suite the neocon agenda. He would bring that up repeatedly, which is why he is not a guest on these programs very often. He has no agenda, just the truth.

Your language is atrocious, btw. Why swear at me when it's the republicans and the neocons that warrant your anger?