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LeAlan Jones, Green, Pro-Gun Right in Chicago

Just a note; not Jill Stein, but LeAlan Jones, a Green from Illinois, that ran for Obama's vacated Senate seat, was pro-gun rights for Chicago citizens so that they could protect themselves against drug dealers and criminals, and so they could help put violent criminals away and feel that they could defend themselves.

I think that any success for the Green Party will be from embracing this aspect of the progressive movement. Becoming accessible to Liberty folk and Progressive folk. By having a base large enough to attract Independents, Democrats and Republicans. I think this is what any third-party needs to do.

In my region there is no Libertarian Party. There is a strong Green Party. I work with them and Progressive Democrats and Liberty Republicans. I work on local issues. Non-partisan issues.

In electoral politics I do think we need to be pragmatic. I'll vote for Liberty Republicans and Libertarians, at the same time, I hope some Liberty/Libertarian folk will vote Green when they are the best option.

That is how we can build and get people in office.

Jack Wagner