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I would vote for her

She's not going to win - let's not kid ourselves.

The liberty movement makes up a wide swath of thought. Jill is no doubt anti war, and anti interventionism (I assume - I don't know much about her). Those positions she shares with Ron Paul. Because RP holds those positions, he has a wide swath of support that is not just "conservatives." Ron Paul draws far beyond "conservatives." This is his strength over Rand.

Anyway, it is a big tent. You're snorting around as you are in this big tent isn't pleasant for anyone. Just keep it in mind.

That being said, while I'd vote for her, I wouldn't campaign on her behalf.

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Scott Brown is likely to run. I wonder if Rand will support Brown if he runs.

Brown would actually be a good test case. He was a senator by special election. The coming election is also a special election, to replace Kerry.

In 2010, the Tea Party's momentum was so strong, the wave lapped up here even in MA. That wave isn't quite strong as it was before....

Anyway, Brown is basically a liberal wearing an R suit.