Comment: So what do people do that don't have smart phones?

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So what do people do that don't have smart phones?

Or any cell phone?

How would I go into a store and spend them?

WHY would anyone accept them?

The only reason people accept digital blips today, is because they think they eventually will get something real.

If they know nothing is really there, but merely vaporous electrons, why would they ever trust they would receive anything?

Exchange takes place because both parties think they will benefit from a transaction.

You have to solve that problem first.

You are attempting to jump the gun of what a transaction is. You're attempting to intermediate a transaction and making an assumption it would take place regardless.

But the market doesn't work like that. And it will never change. It can't. Because it isn't abstract. It IS people trying to fulfill their unlimited needs, wants, and desires.

"Trust" doesn't need to be there for gold and silver. It does need to be there for BitCoin. And it never will be because it isn't real. Thus you'll never achieve any significant level of trust to enable its widespread adoption.