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Comment: I agree. I was however trying to remain in the context of

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I agree. I was however trying to remain in the context of

Constitutional methods of taxation.

If you were sent a "statement" every year detailing how much was needed for this and that "service" or function of government and then said statement outlined "your fair share" if you wanted to pay it, that would be the only proper system.(I'd love to see a big government type argue away from that one!)

You pay for what you want, not for what you don't. Of course, you don't receive anything you don't pay for. You also can't be forced to pay for something you have no option not to use or benefit from, that someone else decided to provide or build. (this is the part they won't accept because they don't want to pay for it at all. They want everyone ELSE to.)

THAT would cut down tremendously if not eliminate entirely everything that wasn't essential to "secure these rights" as the Declaration of Independence notes as the ONLY function and purpose of government.