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Render unto Ceasar...

Not to say that progressive-socialism or Green politics is anything close to the Julian Dynasty, nor that the Greens are in the majority socialists (I'd argue that the difference between Greens and Libertarians is dramatized by the media and the nature of partisan-group think).

I'd use the same quote to the "left" as well in respects to their view of the pure-libertarian idealogy; which they see as corporate-sympathization.

What I mean by "Render unto Ceasar" is to respect the difference between the government of man and the government of god. And to not demand perfect from the laws of man. To recognize the things that you cannot change, that you are not responsible to change. It is about acknowledging that the "perfect" policy is that you can pass and in the process make life and the system at least a little bit better.

Jack Wagner