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Comment: Make your own Swedish Snus it

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Make your own Swedish Snus it

Make your own Swedish Snus it is easy, I do.

Because it is steam-cured, rather than fire-cured like smoking tobacco or other chewing tobacco, it contains lower concentrations of nitrosamines and other carcinogens that form from the partially anaerobic heating of proteins - 2.8 parts per million. No carcinogenic effects have be attributed to Nordic Snus.

According to Kenneth Warner, director of the University of Michigan Tobacco Research Network,
"The Swedish government has studied this stuff to death, and to date, there is no compelling evidence that it has any adverse health consequences. …Whatever they eventually find out, it is dramatically less dangerous than smoking."

Health benefits kills parasites and worms in your system, set it on bee stings, spider bites, hemorrhoids for instant relief.

I make 2.5 kilos twice a year for about 100 USD.

basic recipe.

1 kilo raw tobacco powder
1 liter water
120 grams sea salt
20 grams sodium-carbonate (potash)
100 grams Propylenglykol och glycerin
20 ml Bergamot oil for taste (optional)

* boil 1 liter of water
* dissolve 120 grams of sea salt allowing it to cool to 50C.
* pour salt water in a rice cooker pot and 1 kilo of raw tobacco powder. Blend slowly with a mixer.
* place a steak thermometer in the tobbaco.
* close the lid to the rice cooker and turn it on.
* tobacco blend should steam for 3 days at about 70-90C.
* mix tobacco blend once a day.
* On the 3rd day lift out the rice cooker pot and blend 20 grams sodium-carbonate. (mix with a little water first so it is easier to blend)
* mix in 100 grams of Propylenglykol och glycerin blend.
* if desired flavor with mint, bergamot, eucalyptus, or anis oil. I use about 20 ml of bergamot oil.
* set it in a plastic container and close the lid tight. let it cure in the fridge for about 7 days.
* freeze it or leave it in the fridge.
* take out when needed and keep in an used copenhagen wax paper container.
* to use pack into a small ball and set under top lip, no spitting required.