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Comment: Sometimes I wish I was not so curious.

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Sometimes I wish I was not so curious.

Then I would not have to keep pointing out stuff like this... I wondered where they got that name. In one language, it means flower. OK. But... It seems they made a craptastic movie by that name a few years back.

The film BOPHA! transforms the Zulu word meaning to detain into a revolutionary slogan as it fans the flames of politically correct racism and rebellion. The story focuses on a black South African policeman, played by Danny Glover, who finds he is hated by those he is dedicated to protecting, including his wife and son. Though the script is weak, BOPHA! works as a racist incitement to riot. As I left the theater's parking lot, five black youth pounded on my car and shouted racist epitaphs."

I am noting an oddity, not putting forth any theories.

My very best wishes to all in the path of this.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.