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Comment: What is causing your disorder?

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What is causing your disorder?

My question to you (and many other people currently being treated with psychiatric medications) is, what is causing your condition? Did you have a thorough, causal diagnostic program done? If you are like the vast majority of people being prescribed psychiatric medications, nothing was done other than a few minutes of talking in the doctors office. This is in my opinion, criminal malpractice that deviates from every standard of care taught in doctoral health care programs.

Here are just a few of the possible causes of some of the disorders which are typically treated with psychiatric medications.
- toxic exposure (lead, mercury, and cadmium all can cause neurological issues)
- omega 3 fatty acids - a history of deficient intake can result in insufficient myelin formation in the brain and neurological symptoms
- tryptophan deficiency - tryptophan is used by the body to make serotonin, the main inhibitory neurotransmitter (some people call this chemical the 'brakes for the brain')

There are many other issues such as these which can all result in neurological symptoms such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, bi-polar, insomnia, etc. Without doing the diagnosis for all of the well documented potential causes of neurological developmental disorders, yet covering up the symptoms with drugs, the underlying cause still remains.

Even for people who experience positive benefits from psychiatric medications, without searching for and curing the underlying cause, many mechanisms of psychiatric disorders can continue causing neurological damage in a progressive manner. For example, a person with lead toxicity does not stop damaging their nerves just because they are taking a drug to stop hyperactivity. The lead must be removed from the body and the nerve damage repaired as best as can be done.

A little bit of time spent ruling in or out the various known causes of neurological dysfunction can save a lifetime of medication, nerve damage and possibly even prevent a substantial number of the random violence tragedies that may be the result of drug reactions.

The current practice of prescribing psychiatric medications without a thorough diagnostic exploration of the known potential causes, must be severely curtailed.

Except in cases of acute, emergency situations, demand thorough causal diagnosis before medication!

If your doctor does not know what could be causing your developmental disorders or how to search for the underlying causes, find another one who does. The high quality, respected research is available for those who take the time to seek it out. For May 17 Money Bomb!