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My Nature... to be direct and blunt. Take no personal offense at it as none is intended.

That said, it seems as if a goal of 'Green's' is to create and impose new dependency and new 'rights', which, one must assume, will be enforced via government force or confiscation in some form or fashion.

I have no interest and nothing good to say about anyone who desires to put their stinking-thieving hand in my pocket, while I am under the barrel of a gun, and take what I have to redistribute it to others who are in no manner entitled to nor deserving of stealing my wealth, property or value earned.

There is no other way to slice it, unless one wishes to obfuscate and rationalize or justify this wrong goal.

Next, I am not a 'Libertarian'. I am an individualist and a constitutionalist. I happen to hold to certain liberty related beliefs that libertarians do, but I march to my own drum.

As to rendering to Ceasar...fuck Ceasar. I am uninterested in waxing biblical about government.

I do not concede to 'render'. Ceasar must take what Ceasar has the force to take, cause it isn't voluntary on my part.

Also, I recognize things that 'I' cannot change, just fine. That lack of ability to make desired changes by myself does not, however, negate my duty and effort to wake people up and attempt small changes as the opportunity presents.

The Constitution for the united States is something I took an Oath to protect and defend. I meant it when I swore to it and neither 'Ceasar' or my inability to make drastic and immediate change, negate my opposition, vocal and otherwise, of ANY numbnuts who advocates installing some person, program, legislation, edict or other means of further destroying what I swore to protect and defend.

We have a Republic that is in desperate need of restoration.

That is all.