Comment: No-one is a purist

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No-one is a purist

I never said he should expect less from any candidate. Nor did I say purists were not perfectly allowed to choose not to get student loans.

I did point out how hypocritical it is for anyone to assume they can live in America today without interacting with distorted markets, and dealing with government programs, much less look down on someone else for living within the system we are surrounded by.

Hate the system all you want, but you are buying gas and groceries and any number of other things within a non-free market. And as such, you are contributing to the problem, Just as the author of this article is "contributing" to the problems created by student loans.

I just don't think its anyone's right to belittle another person for doing the best the can with what they have, as tho the person doing the belittling is somehow capable of living entirely outside of the system.

And, if student loans are so bad, this brother in liberty might have gotten further by pointing out why, and offering ideas about how to avoid the problem. Knowledge is powerful and persuasive, ridicule doesn't create liberty.