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The thing that makes me a purist and proud of it

is when I figure out that I'm part of the problem I try to rectify it. If I can.. when it's WITHIN MY POWER TO DO SO.

Not yelling.. :)

I can totally understand, if a person REALLY doesn't have another option. Take FRN's for example.. As far as I know.. I have no other choice that would allow me to get away from FRN's altogether. Is it hypocritical? Yes, it is. I make no excuses for it nor do I lie when asked.

until I find another way, I'm stuck with the systems money. I try different routes whenever I can but no way to get entirely off of it yet.

Loans are a different thing though.. You have multiple options. They may not be what you want, the easy route, which is what I think most people gravitate towards and excuse later.

As for the term "purist".. Well I just get a little tired of people putting that word up against terms like realists as if we are in some dreamland and that somehow the self-appointed "realists" are grounded in the best thought..

Just isn't true. If anything I find purist to be very grounded in reality. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty damn good at problem solving in the real world on many things including problem solving when my ideology needs a real world application fix..

"Hate the system all you want, but you are buying gas and groceries and any number of other things within a non-free market. And as such, you are contributing to the problem, Just as the author of this article is "contributing" to the problems created by student loans."

I think you'd be hard pressed to find many things that I am not finding alternatives to that match my ideological stances. Especially ones I have the power to change.

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