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That's reasonable

I've actually been thinking a lot about what I believe (or don't believe) on a political / social scale, ever since you called me a NeoCon a week or so back.

After reading the various essays on, especially the one about private law. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not a libertarian at all. It doesn't make me a NeoCon. But I'm not even attempting to be a true libertarian. However, I do support Dr Paul (both with my vote and my wallet).

If anything I'm a constitutionalist more-so than a libertarian.
And although I believe that the Austrian school is the only theory of economics that correctly explains what is going on around us, and why the current plague of economic thinking is failing so badly, that doesn't mean I think its infallible. And I don't think it necessarily applies to other aspects of humanity as well as it does the economy. The essay on private law as an example, its interesting, it even has some merit, but I can't talk myself into believing it is a better system than what Americans a couple of centuries ago ratified into the supreme law of the land.

But I don't think I need to accept pure libertarianism (strict anarcho-capitalism) any more than you need to accept constitutionalism (minarchism) in order to recognize, that in today's political marketplace, we are allies, not enemies.

The impression that I got when you called me out for being a big government socialist was, that if I wasn't a purist, I wasn't welcome here. Which is the same statement that was made within this article. There is no reason to turn away allies simply because the north on my moral compass is a few degrees different from the north on yours.

By all means, share your philosophy, and debate with me about things we disagree on, that's healthy and productive. But keep in mind that we have many common goals even if we don't have 100% overlap.