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sure what is being "officially" reported as to the type of shotgun (provided there actually was one) but it sounds like you/they might be getting two different types mixed up.

First there is the AA 12. It is an American made, semi or fully auto shotgun that is only available to the military. (who knows by now it may be available to Blackwater types as well) But as far as I know, they are NOT sold to the general public.

Then there is the Saiga 12 which is a Russian made weapon that is imported as a sporting model that uses a magazine. The weapon can legally be converted to a pistol grip as long as it is BATF 922r compliant. (basically means it has to have a certain amount of American made parts on/in it)
Here is a pic of an "unconverted" Saiga 12
Video of a converted pistol grip Saiga 12

You can not have a full auto Saiga (or anything for that matter) unless you have filed all the paperwork and paid for the tax stamp.

BOTH of them can use a DRUM style magazine holding up to 20 shells.
(IDK what a "barrel clip" is)