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Comment: I'm many things.. small L libertarian

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I'm many things.. small L libertarian

Constitutionalists.. Staunch Constitutional Conservative.. Classical Liberal.
You name it with real Liberty and I just might fit. :) By the way.. "libertarian" is a catchall for a great many things to me. It's first recorded use I believe was by William Beshlam in 1789.

Hell I could even be a big "L" libertarian too if they got their crap together enough to put up a real Libertarian.

This isn't my site but people that promote socialism or excuse it need to be called out, in my opinion. Hell I don't even remember calling you that.. it must have been one of those in the moment judgements on what you were pushing. Oh maybe it was the idea of Rand excusing?

Socialism or excusing language in defense of candidates or positions is bad business though and one of my pet peeves.

I've had a discussion with the guy who wrote the thread and he seems pretty down to earth and he seems to understand where I'm coming from. Do I think he's not a libertarian? No, but if someone knows something is wrong and excuses it.. then they are wrong on that subject. I think ignoring the truth is un-libertarian.

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